LaTeX2e: report.cls and report.sty work differently??

LaTeX2e: report.cls and report.sty work differently??

Post by Manas Mand » Thu, 28 Jul 1994 12:02:03

I was having some trouble with spacing using some old dissertation
style files, so I ran an experiment on an old report. I ran it 3
(1) Using*209 and TeX 3.0 and documentstyle report
(2) Using*2e and TeX 3.1415 in*209 compatible mode with
documentstyle report
(3) Using*2e and TeX 3.1415 with documentclass report.
[My version of 2e is 1994/06/01, and my 209 version is 1992]

(1) and (2) were almost identical except in places where the newer TeX
had made different line-breaking decisions. The page margins were the

(2) and (3) had the same text on each page. However, (3) had every
page starting a bit higher, and the page number at the bottom ending a
bit lower, indicating that the textheight is a bit different. Also,
the itemized environments were more spaced out in (3) than in (2).

QUESTION: Is this a bug or a feature. Is*2e in 209 compatible
mode for documentstyle `report' supposed to produce the same output as
the new documentclass `report'? If not, can anyone tell me exactly
which variables have been changed in report.cls from the old

I went through the new*book, and didn't find the answers I
wanted. I have not yet been able to grab The*Companion as yet
because our university bookstore is out of copies.


PS: If anyone can tell me the differences between the old report.sty
and the new report.cls, or tell me how to find that out, I would be
very grateful. It will enable me to modify some existing packages that
I am having a hard time fixing to meet some stringent formatting
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I'm using LaTeX2e report class.  I found the following problem in figure counters
and figure enviroment (\begin{figure} \label{fig:A} ... \end{figure} sequence).
By default, all figures have figure numbers (counters) as 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, etc.,
where the first number is specified by \thechapter and the second number is
the sequence of figure numbers in that chapter.  In other words, the figure counters
should be insensitive to \thesection (by default). Actually, in report.cls, we find:

The problem happens when I have subsections containing figures.
When printed out, these figure captions correctly say Figure 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, etc.
i.e., they are independent from \thesection.
However, in the text, when I refer to some of these figures with \ref command
e.g., \ref{fig:A}, then it is printed as Figure 1.1.1, 1.2.1 etc., i.e., the
the figure numbers referred get section dependent.
How can I correct this behavior?  In the case of equation number, by default,
this problem does not happen.

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