Systems, Man and Cybernetics article.sty request

Systems, Man and Cybernetics article.sty request

Post by Vipin Goy » Sat, 18 Jul 1992 04:24:30

I'm looking for the sty file for IEEE SMC conference
proceedings. If anyone has already made a format, please
send me a copy. sty files for other IEEE societies would
also be appreciated (maybe I could alter them).

Thanks !
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1. Response to the articles entitled a4.sty & article.sty.

Posting on behalf of a friend ...


I have used the a4 option successfully with the article style.  However, the
printout still looks funny. The space at top of the page is quite wide (>5cm),
while the  space at the bottom of the page is too narrow, (about 1cm from the
page number). Could that be because our printer (Apple laserwriter II NTX)
still thinks the page is in American format?


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