replace lasy* with wasy* in LaTeX?

replace lasy* with wasy* in LaTeX?

Post by PPAR.. » Wed, 02 Feb 1994 23:15:31

If I want to replace the lasy font with the wasy font in my default
set-up for*with NFSS, it seems I need only change "lasy" to
"wasy" in newlfont.sty, oldlfont.sty, preload.ori, and fontdef.max,
and then rebuild the format file. I have two questions:

1. Is this correct? If not, what is?

2. Where should I place the bindings for the extra symbols? If it
   doesn't*things up, I'd just as soon have them "preloaded"
   rather than call a style option.


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replace lasy* with wasy* in LaTeX?

Post by KNAP.. » Sun, 06 Feb 1994 02:25:01

The proposed procedure is all right and the best one can do at this moment,
where there are no 256-character symbol fonts. If you use the so-build
format only privately, you're fine, you may include as many style files as
you want as ,,local modifications'' into your format.

If you are maintaining TeX at your university site, you also may build
such a format and document the changes in your local guide. It is wise to
have a standard*beside. Mark all features which are introduced newly
by adding the wasy fonts as non-portable and non-standard.

Hope this helps.

Yours, J"org Knappen.

P.S. I am maintaining TeX and*at our site, and my advice to users is
to use style options and/or to build private formats in their user
directories. I don't maintain non-standard formats.