Which program makes nice picture??

Which program makes nice picture??

Post by sim.. » Tue, 08 Aug 2000 04:00:00

> Hi, this is probably a FAQ question, nevertheless I didn't find an
> answer to it: I'm looking for a program that enables me to make nice
> pictures (drawings), which can be included in*(*.ps or *.eps).

> There are some constraints:
> - It should run under WinNT,
> - It should be freeware,
> - It should be easy to use (e.g. no 'programming' of pictures, but
> actual drawing).

The drawing program that comes free with Ghostscript.

But it really depends on whether you want to do vector or bitmap.

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Which program makes nice picture??

Post by Bill Harri » Tue, 08 Aug 2000 04:00:00

tkPaint?  See http://www.netanya.ac.il/~samy/tkpaint.html.

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1. Using BibTex for making nice glossaries

I had this strange idea, using BibTex for making nice glossaries,
but I have not the needed skills for implementing the idea :-(

Conceptually, it is simple. You write a .bib file like this:

  def={Gnus are funny animals and \dots }

  def={It is a mathematical constant that \dots }

and so on...
The field "word" is the word to define (and to appear typeset) in the
glossary. The field "def" is the definition, including any standard
latex command. The field "key" is for alphabetization purposes. No
doubt other fields can be useful too.

Then, in your document you do several \glossary{Gnu}, \glossary{pi}
... that are conveniently defined in order to write \cite-like
commands in the .aux file. A convenient .bst will instruct BibTeX for
recognizing these commands in the .aux file, extract the adequate
fields in the entries and format a nice .bbl (or perhaps .gls)
primorously alphabetized (using the key field, or if not present, the
word field)

Yes, I know, there is a glotex tool, but I find it not flexible
enough, and it does not alphabetize correctly 8-bit alphabets (while
there is an 8-bit version of BibTeX highly configurable for supporting
foreigns alphabets)

I guess that for a guru of the .bst programming, it would be very easy
to implement my idea. Perhaps someone has did it already. For me is
just Greek.

If anyone knows an implementation close to this description, or has
any idea for using standard .bst and .sty packages with this purpose,
please e-mail me (or post the answer).

Thanks in advance.


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