WASY2 versus WASY

WASY2 versus WASY

Post by Berthold K.P. Hor » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00


Is the WASY2 font set just a revision / improvement on the WASY font

If so, why keep WASY around on CTAN in addition to WASY2?

Thanks, Berthold


1. wasy-font

I have 2 questions:

Low priority:
1. How is the wasy2-font usually installed under miktex/winNT4
   concerning the placement in the directory structure?
   (I temporarily put it into my document-home :-(   )
   (I used \usepackage{wasysym} )

High priority:
2. I need a simple \smiley in my text and I don't know,
   how to prevent an obviously forced "new_line"-motion after this symbol.

Can somebody help me?


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