term binary for sun4 or something, pleeeeze?

term binary for sun4 or something, pleeeeze?

Post by b.. » Mon, 27 Dec 1993 20:47:04

I'm trying to set up term between my home PC and the SunSPARC-10 (SunOS
4.1.3 w/ OpenWindows 3). I ran into problems setting it as server on the
SPARC side: I don't have gcc in SPARC and the term src seems to require
gcc. I tried to use Makefile.sun, and even edited "gcc" into "cc" and
changed a few other settings in the makefile as appropriate. But "make"
process spitted out a bunch of complaints about "invalid syntax" in a
bunch of src files. I guess the src was written for gcc and not portable
to the c compiler with SunOS 3.1.4.

So, if someone have compiled the binaries for SunOS3.1.4 and Sun4m
(maybe just Sun4 is good enough), could you please give it to me?

Or, is there a term src package that can be compiled under SunOS 3.1.4
without gcc?

Or, could there be some other ways to fix this?

Lastly, a related question: I'd be using it over a modem dialup
multiplexer to connect the PC and the Sun. Would slip/ppp be an overkill
for this? (The Sun has no phoneline connection -- not directly.)


Bo Peng