BusLogic BT-946C drivers -- do they exist?

BusLogic BT-946C drivers -- do they exist?

Post by alann lop » Fri, 05 Aug 1994 01:47:49

Hello, I just purchased a Micron P-90 system with
a BusLogic BT-946C PCI SCSI controller. Are there
any drivers for this controller. If not, any idea
how much of a performance hit I will be taking by
using it in the adaptec 154x mode.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Thank you



1. Buslogic BT-946C and Segate ST31200N problems under Linux but not DOS

  I hope this is something simple that I have overlooked. In any case I need
  HELP.  I have a Pentium 90 with an old motherboard that is PNP but not 100%
  PNP compliant.  The buslogic BT-946C PCI SCSI card and Seagate ST31200N drive
  works great under DOS with NO problems. However, I can't seem to find the
  solution to getting it to work under Linux.  I have set up three other Linux
  machines with no problems but they are all running IDE drives.  Here is a
  partial list of known problems as I have incounterd them with the scsi setup:

  1. When I ran fdisk under linux it reports incorrect number of heads,
  cylinders, and sectors.  If I change it and tell it to write the changes it
  says it does but if you go back to it(even after rebooting) it reports the
  same incorrect configuration.  
  2. When I run mke2fs to make the filesystem it gives me a segmentation fault
  3. If I try to mount the unsuccessfully created filesystem it gives me some
  sort of inode allocation error and says to run e2fsck to correct the problem.
  This is a problem in itself since I can't run the file from an NFS mounted
  system and can't copy it to the bad filesystem and can copy it to the boot
  floppy(not enough space) and can't unmount the boot floppy since it is the
  root filesystem.

It would be helpful to know which Linux kernel you are working with, and
what the precise error messages are from FDISK.  The hard disk geometry in
cylinders/heads/sectors is deduced from the size of the disk and whether
the > 1 GB disk space option is enabled in AutoSCSI.  You can tell FDISK
whatever you like, but that won't affect what the host adapter uses.


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