ISDN router/TA's for Linux?

ISDN router/TA's for Linux?

Post by Jared P. Heck » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi, all -

I am setting up a small network (at home, natch :-)  ), and am looking
for an ISDN device to sit on the network for access from Linux, NT and
Windoze.  From a quick survey of the marketplace it appears Linux will be
the hardest constraint to satisfy.  

The alternative would be for an ISDN device (TA, I guess) to sit in the
Linux machine, with the other machines going through it for 'net access.  

Has anyone set up for ISDN access and if so, would you be willing to
share products used and any major gotchas you came up against?  If it
matters, I will be using Caldera v. 1.0 (Red Hat 1.2.1).


Jared Hecker              |  Oracle and Sybase Architect and DBA


1. ISDN Router -vs- ISDN TA with Linux masq'ing

Hello all!  I'm looking for someone to compare and contrast the two
scenarios set forth in the subject line.

 I already have a small ethernet LAN at home, and am currently
connecting to my ISP using a 56K modem,
 and a Linux box which does
 dial-on-demand, and IP masq'ing.

 I'm about to get an ISDN circuit installed, and can't decide whether to
go with a router, and let it handle the
 dNAT, etc.  Or buy a regular TA, connect it to the Linux box, and mimic
my current setup.

 One of my concerns is that the router will have a fixed method for
doing dNAT, and I'll have problems with IP
 masq'ing which I won't be able to fix myself.  At least with Linux, I
can fiddle with the ipchains settings.

 On the other hand, the router would probably much easier to setup and
maintain.  There may be
 considerations here that I don't even know about as well...




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