Printing over TCP/IP to an Novell-Printer ??????

Printing over TCP/IP to an Novell-Printer ??????

Post by Sven Dron » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 00:07:08

Greetings to the world,

is there anybody, who knows software for printing in a Linux-TCP/IP-Network
to an printer plugged to an Novell-printserver in the same ethernet ?
The software have to catch all
IP-packets for the print-job and if all reached the machine the file
append to the Novell-printer-queue. If such software exist or development tools
for programming such a program please mail to:

Thanx for reading (and answering?).


Technische Universitaet Dresden                               /~~~~~~~~~\
Fakultaet fuer Verkehrswissenschaften "Friedrich List"       /           \
Institut fuer Theoretische Grundlagen der Fahrzeugtechnik    |~~~|   |~~~|


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Does anyone know something about how to print from FreeBSD Machines
on Novell printer-queues?

Is there any package to provide this, like the ncpfs-package for linux
(which uses "nprint")?

best regards
Ulrich Weiss

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