UUCP/TCP/kernel problem

UUCP/TCP/kernel problem

Post by Stephen Davie » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 18:36:25

I have been having problems with my UUCP connections to my ISP ever since
upgrading to 1.1.69.

With 1.1.69, I got my first ever kernel panics which Linus told me were
caused by problems with TCP fragmentation. So, I upgraded to 1.1.70.

With 1.1.70 and 1.1.72 I connect successfully to my ISP using PPP and
start up UUCP to transfer in my mail and news. All goes well for a
minute or two and then the modem stops blinking and I get log messages
such as:

uucico yarrina news (1994-12-08 18:16:13.83 207) Receiving rnews
uucico yarrina news (1994-12-08 18:28:09.20 207) ERROR: read: Connection
by peer
uucico yarrina - (1994-12-08 18:28:09.31 207) ERROR: Got SIGPIPE signal
uucico yarrina - (1994-12-08 18:28:09.31 207) ERROR: write: Broken pipe
uucico yarrina - (1994-12-08 18:28:09.31 207) Call complete (1018 seconds)

uucico yarrina - (1994-12-08 17:57:48.45 165) ERROR: Line disconnected
uucico yarrina - (1994-12-08 17:57:48.46 165) Call complete (194 seconds)

uucico yarrina news (1994-12-07 23:25:14.26 198) ERROR: Got termination

After these errors, the PPP connection is still open and can be used for
FTP etc. The UUCP session can also be restarted - but with the same result.

I have dropped back to 1.1.68 to get this mail out.

I am running Taylor UUCP 1.04 with the TCP protocol (as I have been for
about a year) and am currently looking for 1.05.

The only thing that has changed is the kernel version.



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