lost+found cleanup ?

lost+found cleanup ?

Post by Ron Edg » Sat, 16 Oct 1993 18:44:49

After a crash, the rc boot script ran e2fsck -a on my Slackware (0.99.12#2)
and some anonymous files ended up in lost+found, err...what do I do with them ?
I ones removed them on previous SLS installation and destroyed my system...
On the e2fsck man (8) page it said there is no "lost+found cleanup".

Some things work different now (for example my Xdefaults is not read any longer
and I get the whatever defaults.

Thanks for any help.


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1. lost+found cleanup

There was a powe failure and when I turned it back on, fsck genereated a
lot of stuff in the /lost+found directory. I couldn't delete thos files
even logged on as root. Can someone tell me how to do it? I have
restored the system and it seems to be working fine. So I don't think I
need those files any more.


-H. Wang

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