Packard Bell 586 CDROM & SLIP setup guidance

Packard Bell 586 CDROM & SLIP setup guidance

Post by Tom Bodi » Wed, 08 Feb 1995 01:08:00

        I bought the latest and greatest Packard Bell Multimedia machune for christmas

It has a mitsubishi 536-x CDROM drive a ps/2 mouse, A 1440 Baud modem, and 8 Megs of memory all of which work just fine
under MSDOG.  I'd like to run linux so I can use it as an Xserver at home over slip, which
I know will be slow, but I want to try.

I got the slackware distribution two weeks ago from and tried to install it.

I haven't had a lot of time to give to it but here is my problem.

Although the Linux kernal on the bootdisk will recognize my CD-ROM albeit with warnings

I can't get the running kernal to recognize it regardless of which driver I choose while
"make config" ing the kernal. Also I get some sort of inet error at start-up which I believe
means that when I get around to trying slip, it won't work. Has anyone made linux 1.1.59 run on
This Packard-Bell model? Would you share your experience with me?

                        Regards Tom Bodine
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Thanks in Advance!

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