Permissions on boot.env?

Permissions on boot.env?

Post by Tadeusz Ba » Thu, 14 Oct 1993 03:08:14

Quote:>I installed bootutils-0.1.tar.gz without any significant problems, but now
>on boot I get the message
>cannot open /etc/boot.env

I get the same message. I have asked David Lesher (the author of bootutil
tutorial) and this is a part of his answer:

Quote:>> know, is a file boot.env important, does Linux need it?
>No. it's one of those things we put in there to confuse people.  ;-}
>Ignore it -- mine does the same thing.

So, I hope everything is OK.

Tadeusz Bak
Cracow, Poland


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I am following several postings here on how to get a clean e2fsck mount
on the root device:
 1. mount /dev/hda1 read-only by rdev -R /zImage 1
 2. do e2fsck -a -v /dev/hda1 to verify the root device
 3. ...usually this is clean...and this should correct the root device
    if it wasn't shut down properly
 4. remount the root device read-write and continue with /etc/rc

However during this sequence I get the error message
Can't open /etc/boot.env

It obviously isn't serious as the boot sequence continues happily.
Can anyone explain what this means?

Shih-Ping Chan

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