Permissions on /tmp or /var/tmp?

Permissions on /tmp or /var/tmp?

Post by Andrew R. Tef » Tue, 15 Nov 1994 23:12:35

Quote:>I couldn't agree less. Permission 1777 is the right one: any mortal shouldn't
>be allowed to remove/change my files *wherever* they are.

I would just hope that all of us have more to worry about than who can
delete what files in /tmp. I just said not to take any assertion that
you MUST use mode 1777 at face value. Know why it is suggested and
decide for yourself whether it is necessary. If it's just you and your wife
using your computer, what's the big deal? I would advocate the sticky
bit for any public-access site though. While /tmp should not be used
for anything but transient files, it would be rude for someone to delete
them while you really are in the middle of using them.



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:Please help me understand temp directories.  I know what /tmp is for,
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:at boot-time.  But then what is /usr/tmp for?  or aren't /usr/tmp and
:/var/tmp usually used in the same implementation?

/usr/tmp and /var aren't normally in the same implementation.  


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