Trn and the remote NNTPserver

Trn and the remote NNTPserver

Post by S. O'Conn » Mon, 03 Oct 1994 19:04:32

        Trn can apparently use a remote site as the nntpserver. The file
I read said to set it in /etc/profile. OK, what exactly is the
format/syntax for this entry? I tried "NNTPSERVER=<>", and
<> is in my /etc/hosts file (with, of course,its IP
address). With no luck =(
        What I'm trying to do is use trn on my box to read the news on my
Net provider. If there is a way to make NN do this as well, I would like to
hear about it too.
        The config: Linux 1.0.9 running Slip via TIA.

        Next week; Mail the same way
                Thank in advance,



Trn and the remote NNTPserver

Post by S. O'Conno » Tue, 04 Oct 1994 16:14:49

> It's a trick.  trn can use a remote nntp server, but you need to tell your environment.  Bash enjoys tormenting people by not actually announcing environmnet
> variables until you tell it to.  Try either:


> or

> export NNTPSERVER=""

> ingerneal when you change variable besides the prompt you should export them or
> else you should scrutinize the man pages and memorize (yeah right) which bash
> exports auto and which you need to tell it.

> BTW, put either of the above in /etc/profile or /etc/cshrc and it should work.

> Good Luck,
> Jeremy Sugerman

        Thank you. The third one worked.



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That's not very nice of them.

Add this to your .cshrc, if you are using csh to tcsh:

or add this to your .kshrc or whatever other shells start up file you
use if you use another shell:
export NNTPSERVER=""

Hope this helps,

Jon Mitchell

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