Get help with Qmail on Redhat!

Get help with Qmail on Redhat!

Post by celes » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 03:46:13

Hey all, is a comprehensive documentation/tutorial of
the installation of Qmail on both Redhat 7.3 and Redhat 9. It's a
great free-for-all resource that any newbie to Qmail should use. It's
also got a lot of add-ons that even the seasoned Qmail admin may find


1. HELP: MS Exchange getting mail from Qmail and dialup ISDN.

Hi everyone,

I have a friend who runs a small business, 2 years ago the had a network
setup by there local ISP/computer outfit. This place went bust about 2
months ago and the reconnected with another ISP and the've had no end of
problems. Their mailserver when down two days ago and the've asked me for
some help. Sorry for the long post and the crossposting but help is really

The network is all Windows NT based with an NT4.0 Server running Exchange
Originally they had a linux box running RH5 (i think), called "mailserver",
connected to the network, which had a 3com ISDN TA connected to com1. The
3com TA would dialup to the ISP and stay connected permantently (and redial
if it lost connection). This provided the internet connectivity to the whole
network. The machine mailserver has a static IP address provided by the ISP.
The ISP provided DNS and had an MX record pointing to the ipaddress of

Up to here I understand but I don't understand the rest. On mailserver they
ran qmail, this was supposed to send and receive emails. From what I've been
told MS Exchange 5.5 on the NT server would get the mail from qmail on
mailserver and put it in users mailboxes. Exchange has Internet Mail Service
installed, but I don't know how this works.
Can someone explain to me how:
1. How does qmail process the mail for each user as it doesn't know the user
2. Exchange gets the mail from qmail?

Now this worked up until two months ago, when they were forced to change
ISP's, the new ISP doesn't support linux and blames all the problems on the
setup, and have suggested they spend nearly $10,000 on a new ISDN Router and
Firewall appliance, being a small business in a country town, they really
cant afford this and don't have any other ISP choices in their area code.
After they connected to the new ISP the ISDN would disconnect every 2
minutes the ISP told them them the TA was faulty and ended buying a Nortel
Nautilus 200 ISDN router, the ISP hasn't sent anyone to install this yet,
although it arrived a week ago.

They have a spare computer a the office and I thought after looking at this
mess I could do a clean install on both the old mailserver and the spare
machine. Then reconfigure one to work like the old one did with qmail and
use the second machine as a firewall/proxy and connect the ISDN TA to that.
But I am unsure about how to do this could anyone help or point me to some

Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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