DIP-3.3.7-uri tty_notlocal problem

DIP-3.3.7-uri tty_notlocal problem

Post by r.. » Thu, 26 May 1994 21:10:54

I am using Linux Kernel version 1.1.8 with SLIP enabled and dip337-uri (version from
18.4.94). My serial device is controlled by mgetty-0.20.
I have no problems when using DIP (dialout) to connect via SLIP to a  SLIP-server but
when I try to use my Linux box as SLIP server (dialin),  then after entering mode SLIP
the annoying error message "tty_notlocal cannot TIOCSCTTY" is displayed.
I am further able to ping my Linux-box but cannot use TELNET or FTP.

Please can anybody tell me whats the problem. The last weeks we had a non
working nntp at our site so maybe the problem has been solved previosly.


DIP-3.3.7-uri tty_notlocal problem

Post by Uri Blumenth » Fri, 27 May 1994 02:38:22

Please upgrade to the new DIP -
"dip337a-uri.tgz" on sunsite.

It fixes a couple of minor problems
related to tty_close() behavior,and
is 1.1.13-tested. Of course, I test
it for outgoing calls only, but I'd
think it should work fine as server.



1. DIP-3.3.7-uri (was Re: Bizzare DIP/CSLIP problem

Please try my modification to DIP-3.3.7.
It's in

I've fixed a few bugs, and added "netmask xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"
and "default" commands (or fixed "default" - I don't remember).
The gist is - I'm able to run Compressed SLIP with 0.99.15a
kernel. There's an example of how to use those additional
commands in the sample... Oh, I've added "quit" command,
so if it quits in the middle of attempting to establish
the link - you still are able to use your serial port
without rebooting the whole box (:-).

Dip  handles  the  connections needed for dialup IP links,
like SLIP or PPP. It can handle both incoming and outgoing
connections,  using password security for incoming connec-
tions.  The outgoing connections use the system's  dial(3)
library if available.

This version of DIP handles only SLIP and Compressed SLIP.



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