NetKit: lpd (server) "forgets" multiple jobs

NetKit: lpd (server) "forgets" multiple jobs

Post by Gerhard Schneid » Thu, 16 Jun 1994 22:17:06

Kernel 1.1.19
Libs:  4.5.26

If I send many print jobs to a (not so) fast PostScript printer (serial OR
parallel interface, doesn't affect the result) lpd "forgets" some of them.

lpd is running w/ the -l option and logs that it received all jobs. After
that several jobs aren't being printed.

If I do a lpr -Ppost 10 times, 2-6 jobs are being printed.

On the serial line the PostScript printer TI Ominlaser 2106 runs w/38400
baud (16550A), parallel port is a standard PC port.

If I configure the printer to be on a remote host (IBM AIX), the linux
lpr/lpd client sends all 10 jobs to the IBM, none is lost.

Any ideas?

                                                Gerhard Schneider


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