Ethernet desires (lusts)

Ethernet desires (lusts)

Post by ende » Thu, 12 May 1994 10:29:22

I run two machines, a 286-12 with 4meg ram 24hrs for the BBS.  And a
386/40 with 8meg ram and svga and my 340meg drive etc... and i have a
little lan going and connect to the BBS machine when i want something
from it (LANtastic).  Is there any way I can boot linux and mount the BBS
drives ACROSS the lan?  Is there some lan software i can use to do this
other than Lantastic?  Or is this possible?


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     It would be extremely helpful to us if we could change the parent PID.
We don't have the source to the System V, Release 3 version of Unix we're
running, and I haven't yet located in which data structure and offset the
parent PID is stored.

     We need to make a child process owned by something OTHER than the
parent, yet the parent process is (and must be) still around.  When we
nohup it, AND log out the process, it's Parent PID is changed, appropriately,
to 1 (init).  However, we need the child to have the Parent PID of 1
*without* losing the "true" parent process.

     Anyone know how I might do this?

     Thank you!

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