xdm chooser mode problems

xdm chooser mode problems

Post by Charl Barna » Fri, 27 May 1994 18:59:09

Hi all,

I know I should be posting this to comp.windows.x, but I did, and
no-one could help. Now I'm turning to the really innovative people for
help : Linuxers ! :-)

I want to be able to run xdm, so that other X servers can contact the
xdm server for a list of hosts, enabling the user at that server to
click on a listed willing to manage xdm host, giving her an xdm login
screen from the selected host. This can be achieved running the X
server in the XDMCP indirect mode. Unfortunately, no luck so far : I
get the list of servers as provided by the xdm indirect host, but the
moment one is selected, the X server resets, and the chooser screen
comes up again.

When I run the xdm indirect server in debug mode, the debug code
following the line after '...running chooser', says something about:
select returns -1 ...

Has anyone got this to work ? No one seems to have played with it yet,
and I know very knowledgable people who have given up on it ...


Charl Barnard


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