network device (as in /dev)

network device (as in /dev)

Post by Isis Lesl » Tue, 02 Aug 1994 04:38:20

Can you create a remote network device for a modem, printer or whatever?
I'm really looking for doing this with a modem, but a start on how to
set it up for a serial printer or whatever would be better than nothing.
Definitely creating devices i  general is something I need to learn as
I'm pretty clueless how to make even a serial port (luckily all the ones
I have work!)



1. tape device bulebud01 / 57 <> mt status /dev/rmt/3n /dev/rmt/0n: Device busysy?

Hello all, I have a small problem I am not sure how to fix without
rebooting. I have a StorageTek 9710 jukebox with four drives. Apparently
one of the drives (or the kernel) thinks it has a tape in it.

lebud01 / 57 <> mt status /dev/rmt/3n
/dev/rmt/0n: Device busy

Physical inspection of the drive proves that the device is empty but
that the drive access light is blinking. Looking at the 'mt' manpage
there doesn't appear to be a way to 'HUP' (as it were) a device.

So, apart from bouncing the box to reset the tape drive, is there a
command line option?



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