dip and Internal vs External Modems

dip and Internal vs External Modems

Post by Eric V. Bru » Mon, 30 May 1994 14:16:38

With the lastest Slackware 1.2 system on Trans-Ameritechs CD-ROM,
I have been have a problem with getting my SLIP connection to work.
Using a ViVa 14.4 fax/modem (external) I was able to dial, get a
carrier but not connect and/or login to the annex. I had the same problem
with minicom and seyon. However the other sites I call work fine.
The end result was that I switched to my INTERNAL ViVa 14.4 fax/Modem
and everything works fine using the /sbin/dip-3.3,7 provided with
the CD-ROM distro.
Once in say 50 tries the external modem would
work get past the log on and then freeze.  I kill dip, restart dip,
 manual issue a hangup and try again.  
The problem does not seem to be dip since minicom and seyon have
the same problem.

I use both modems on DOS/Windows, Windows NT 3.5 on Coherent I have to
use the external modem since it doesn't like the internal modem (which
is why I have both).  The internal is about 2 years old and the external
about 6 months old.
The system is an Intel 486 50MHZ, 16Mbytes memory noname serial/para/game
port card with 16550 uarts.  AMI BIOS.

So the questions is: Is anyone else having problems using external
modems, Slackware 1.2 from Trans-Ameritech or Linux in general?

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