a plea to distribution creators

a plea to distribution creators

Post by Craig Groesch » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 02:53:12

If you are creating a Linux distribution, or are running a Linux
system based on a distribution, please, Please, PLEASE make sure
that your X (shared) library directory is in your ld.so.conf file.
That way ldconfig(8) and ld.so(8) will be able to find the libraries,
and people will be able to run programs which use those libraries.

For example, if you have installed X libraries in /usr/X11/lib,
it would be a good idea to add "/usr/X11/lib" to ld.so.conf.

(Or, if your X library directory is untrusted, you could have
your users add it to their LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.)


P.S. By the way, the Linux Filesystem Standard (14 Feb 94) section 4.1
indicates that /usr/X386 is the reserved location for XFree86 releases.
XF86-2.1-lib.tar.gz installs libraries in /usr/X386/lib.

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