Wanted: Used or great deals on Routers

Wanted: Used or great deals on Routers

Post by Tony Schwar » Wed, 05 Oct 1994 02:44:55

I am seeking a hot deal on a router that can handle BGP4.  I am assuming
something like a Cisco 2501.

I have cash in hand and am ready to buy.  Please email any opportunities or

Tony Schwartz
Portland, OR


1. Great Hardware Deals

Integrated Solutions Intl. Inc. a leading distributor of excess hardware has the

Systech cluster controllers p/n hps7917 16 port db25 with printer port
ncr part number 006-3300592 list 2075 closeout price $450  NEW

systech micro channel host adapter hps 6280 ncr part # 006-9800996 list $1995
price $400ea    new

EiconCard Comm Module hsi/mc 1 mb  310-050 ncr # 530-0040946 list >$1000
price $350 new in box

Dpt PM3122/90 ISA SCSI RAID module with cache module and disk module and 4 mb memory.
Disk and cache can be used on non-ISA smartcache III controllers.
List $2400 price $275 new ncr part # 530-0040630

Qty's of each in stock...priced to move quick


John Toth
414-774-3070 fax
7620 W. Center St. STE 201
Milwaukee WI 53226

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