CSLIP Problems (random halts in data...)

CSLIP Problems (random halts in data...)

Post by Isis Lesl » Tue, 06 Sep 1994 12:22:14

I have a problem with a SLIP line going from a Slackware 2.0 machine and a
CISCO terminal server.  

Often times, if I do, letsay "ls -l" the output won't be displayed unless
I escape back to the terminal server prompt and then return to the connection.
Also I often have timed out Kermit and Zmodem transfers as well.  This also
happens if a I telnet into my machine, then two a thrid machine, I similarly
get astopped screen output.

FTP works just liek its suppossed to and my OS/2 based machines slip in/out

This must be a tty (stty?) setup problem someplace, but I'm kinda stumped.
Any ideas?



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to give the root password so that the halt can be made when
I am not there :( any solutions?

                Thanks in advance,

ps Please copy responses to my email acct.

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