Setting Screensaver

Setting Screensaver

Post by rcopel.. » Wed, 27 Mar 2002 04:09:46

Hello, I'm having a problem setting the screensaver on my system
and I would like some idea why it's not working correctly.  There
are four users besides root on this system including myself.  I
login as myself, not root.  I used to be able to set the screensaver
to anything I wanted, but now I always get the random screensaver
no matter what I set it to.  If someone could give me some clue
what is happening, I would appreciate it.  Seems like there is a
superuser (root?) who is over-riding my setting somehow and I would
like to understand this mechanism.  Thx.

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1. Setting Screensaver

Can anyone help me on setting the screensaver under x-window
I changed the XLock file in /.../apps-defaults/
so that it uses the hyper mode. But when the screensaver active, it
just give me a blink screen. It loads the hyper mode when I type xlock
in xterm. Here is  a part of the XLock file

XLock.mode: hyper
XLock.font: -b&h-lucida-medium-r-normal-sans-24-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
XLock.background: Black
XLock.foreground: AntiqueWhite
XLock.username: Name:
XLock.password: Password: Enter password to unlock; select icon to lock.
XLock.validate: Validating login...
XLock.invalid: Invalid login.
XLock.nice: 0
XLock.timeout: 30
XLock.mono: off
XLock.nolock: on
XLock.remote: off
XLock.allowroot: off
XLock.enablesaver: on
XLock.allowaccess: off
XLock.echokeys: off
XLock.usefirst: off
XLock.verbose: off
XLock.inwindow: off
XLock.hyper.delay: 500
XLock.hyper.batchcount: 1
XLock.hyper.saturation: 1

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