smail configuration help

smail configuration help

Post by Srini Seethar » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 06:38:58

I am running slackware 1.2 with kernel 1.1.49.
smail version
(yes I know of the security bug).

Basically what I want to do is the following :

If I receive mail at my domain for a user who is not defined,
I need to forward that mail to postmaster.

The man page indicates that the entry

default_user = postmaster

be inserted in the directors file. However, when I used this
entry , smail gives me an error.

I tried the smart_user entry in the config file but this did not

Essentially, I do not want mail from outside my domain to bounce
with an UNKNOWN-USER error message. I would like to intercept these
messages and have them sent to the postmaster.

Can smail do this ?