Cant Display PKGTOOL

Cant Display PKGTOOL

Post by Silenc » Sun, 27 Nov 1994 06:49:51

ok this is definitely something simple.
i just re-installed linux cause i wanted to clean up my dir trees and
what not.. anyhow when i boot up and get to the shell. i try to run
pkgtool or setup. its not switching video modes. i guess. its just
* there...
however if i run starx and exit out of X i can run setup and pkgtool fine..
        im sure someone knows why this happends.
also ive been playing around with rdev and lilo.conf, trying to get
132x43. i got it once :( but when i run rdev and/or setup my
/etc/lilo.conf to vga=-3 or vga=ask it boots into 80x25 no matter what. arg
cmd i used with rdev is:
rdev -v /dev/sda2 (thats my root drive) -o 506 -3
but it doesnt take effect after i reboot...



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