yp and ftpaccess

yp and ftpaccess

Post by Evan Will » Fri, 06 May 1994 05:28:05

I have ypbind running on a linux box with a sun ypserver.
Sun users can telnet and rlogin to the linux box, but
they cannot ftp into the linux box.  :(

Also, even when a user from the suns are logged into linux,
finger says no such user.

Is there a way to provide ftpaccess into a linux box for
nis accounts?  Perhaps something put in /etc/ftpaccess?



1. ftpaccess cdpath section and structure of the /etc/ftpaccess file itself

I've been working through what now turns out to be a fairly simple issue with wu-ftpd configuration but am running into a bit of confusion when it
comes to setting up my /etc/ftpaccess file.  I found that I was unable to cd above my home directory on my server, which led me to the cdpath setting
in ftpaccess.  My question is this:  is there a way to set a specific cdpath restriction for particular users or classes of users referenced earlier
in the file, or is there only one level of directory access control available through this method?  

I suspect that the man page for ftpaccess assumes knowledge of how the file is supposed to be structured to associate classes of users with specific
features, but does not reference that structure/standard/convention.  Am I all wet here, or is there a convention for structuring such config files
out there I could read that would help things fall into place a bit more clearly?


Dan Hansen

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