lpr won't work

lpr won't work

Post by White, David » Sat, 05 Mar 1994 05:32:00

Lpr keeps giving the error "jobs queued, but cannot start demon".
Top shows that lpd is running, and the kernel was compiled with
TCP/IP networking stuff.  Kernel is 0.99p15.  What's going on?

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: Even a "ls -l > /dev/lp0" won't do anything. Reply said "No such device".
: Hmm.. if I do a ls -l /dev/lp* I can see as follows:

The following is how I have my devices.  I would suggest trying lp1 as that
is apparently the same as lpt1 under dos.

crw-rw----   1 root     lp         6,   0 Nov 30 13:30 /dev/lp0
crw-rw----   1 root     lp         6,   1 Nov 30 13:30 /dev/lp1

Here is an entry I use in my printcap for my HP LaserJet IIP
# HP Laser jet plus

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