Routing problems with >1.1.17

Routing problems with >1.1.17

Post by S.G. de Brui » Wed, 20 Jul 1994 23:34:22

My bootp stopped working with 1.1.18. I run 1.1.17 for weeks now,
without any problems. I use a PC as diskless X terminal using the
netboot package. After 1.1.17 (i actually tried 1.1.18 and
1.1.29) the bootp server sees my machine, assigns correct ip
number, but sends nothing back. I noticed similar problems with
ftp from NCSA. Telnetting into the box works fine. then ftp'ing
back to the DOS pc works until 1.1.17. Broke in 1.1.18, didn't
try it with newer kernels.

Looking at the two problems above, something is wrong with
routing things OUT of the box. The tables look fine however, and
the setup should be ok, because all works like a charm with

Is there anybody who has similar problems? Solutions? I feel
antique ;)


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