Problem with named

Problem with named

Post by Mike O'Doher » Fri, 26 Apr 2002 23:33:09

Over the last two weeks named on our primary DNS server has stopped
twice.  I've looked through all the logs and there are no error
messages - either for hardware or processes.  All other processes
continue working when this happens and named restarts with no errors
if I restart it manually via command line or via webmin.

Server is running redhat 6.2 and has been running for months without
problems.  Harddrive has over 80% disk space free.

Any suggestions as to where to look for the cause of the problem?


Mike O'Doherty
Manager, Network Services


1. Named FAQ (was Re: problem with named)

Sigh. Another user bitten by 2.4 named. I don't understand this - how did
Sun manage to break bind? It's more or less standard 4.8.3, right? Why
tweak it for 2.4? Quit fiddling and give us 4.9.x and then leave it alone!

PS. Peter - you need a patch; see the other fifty messages about named in
this group. :-/
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