Trakker 250 and Linux????

Trakker 250 and Linux????

Post by TJ Dul » Sun, 02 Oct 1994 03:13:42

The title says it all, does anybody know if the Colorado Trakker 250,
parallel port tape drive is supported in Linux?

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1. Colorado Trakker 250 under Linux (and an AWE32 problem?)

This is a parallel port tape drive made by HP and it has linux drivers.
The problem is that I cant get the drivers and ftape patches to work with a
2.1.x series kernel.

Under 2.0.29/30 I can get the modules built and insmodded and I can retension
the tape but restoring from backup tapes doenst work (it seems to hang about
5 meg into the tape and just shoe shines after that)

I really need to be able to get this far under a 2.1.x series kernel (hopefully
something like 30/40 series) as I have a soundblaster AWE32 which I can get
working under 2.1.x but the patches dont work with 2.0.x (the wont apply)

Has anyone got one of these working fully under linux and possibly even with
a 2.1.x series kernel?
And has anyone got an AWE32 working with 2.0.29/30?

Thanks for any help...

Ian Farrer

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