Building news server

Building news server

Post by Mark Blyt » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 06:44:23


I'm building a dedicated news server from scratch and would like some
suggestions on hardware/software system configuration.  I'll likely
be getting a full newsfeed from PageSat.  Would a 486/66 suffice?
32 meg RAM? 1 1-gig drive?  What's the most important resource?

Any sample configurations from others running news servers would be
quite helpful.


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1. building News server

I'm planning to build a news server under Linux Slackware.
I was thinking this type of machine :
Pentium II 400
256M of RAM
2 Hard Drive, 32 Gig each.

Is it good or not ? Since it's the first time I'm building a
news server,
I would like to have some advices.

Thank you all.


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