Slack 1.2, Taylor UUCP over TCP :Need Help

Slack 1.2, Taylor UUCP over TCP :Need Help

Post by Jeroen van Genn » Fri, 03 Jun 1994 07:32:16

Hi *,

Here's the setup:

One machine is called ''. It runs Taylor 1.04, and
has it's outbound mail via uucp, to ''
You guessed: one system's uucp name is muts, the other is
called pipo.

I got it working to the extent where I can pick up e-mail by
dialing in.

I also got service #540 working, at least, from pipo, I can telnet
to muts, on port 540, and log in successfully; after which I
see an uucico header: &*(&*(&shere=muts ;-)

However, when I run uucico -*s from pipo, the log files tell
me 'connection refused' at the pipo side.
Nothing shows up at muts. It seems it is doing a TCP trans ok,
but on the wrong TCP port.
The log files at pipo will show a failed attempt to contact
named at muts (should be, as I am not running named at
muts), and then this 'failed...' msg.

Muts is in the /etc/hosts file at pipo, and can be found thru
other services.
All the other TCP progs/services including are working ok.

The Devices and Systems file are, to my knowledge, configured
for TCP use. Also: (I am running 10baseT) traffic shows up at
the ethernet concentrator.

If YOU always wanted to tell me how stupid I am, then THIS is

also post it here, so as to save other poor souls from the
torment I'm going through..

Yours Truly,



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