Smail and all smtp delivery through gateway

Smail and all smtp delivery through gateway

Post by C. Regis Wils » Sat, 28 Jan 1995 07:52:49

Hello, all.  I have the Yggsadril Linus, Fall '94.  I know how to do the
following under sendmail (I'm an old Sun d00d).  I could install sendmail,
but it sounds like a pain and besides, smail looks very nice.  So:

We have a firewall with an smtp gateway.  I don't care about UUCP.  How
can I make any mail for a foreign host be routed through the mail
gateway with SMAIL?  Can someone show me a sample config?  I read all the
docs and the Linux community seems to be heavily into UUCP and SLIP, etc.
which doesn't help me.

Again, I can do it with sendmail, but I'll give smail a shot.

Thank you in advance!
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1. smail delivery problems


there are problems with mail delivery to local mail boxes by SMAIL under FreeBSD 2.1.0 on local host.

local transport was reconfigured to use mail.local, however this still
causes mail to root to fail always.  If default smail local transport
is used, then this causes mail delivery to fail always for any users
on the system. This is related to file permission and locks somehow,
I suspect.

Could anybody using SMAIL on v2.1.0 or later send his/her smail
configuration files ? What else could the cause ?

Thanks in advance. Dima

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