SUMMARY: LILO on 3rd disk (was LILO keeps trashing mbr)

SUMMARY: LILO on 3rd disk (was LILO keeps trashing mbr)

Post by Joseph P DeCello I » Sat, 09 Apr 1994 10:25:12

AS you can tell by the subject, lilo was trashing my mbr on my
/dev/hda since I was trying to setup booting linux from 3rd disk.

*Actualy* the fact that it's a 3rd disk is not the main relevance,
what is, is that my scsi drive is on a 2nd controller with booting
disabled, my IDE is on it's own controller, which is bootable.

Anyhow, after posting (knowing it takes at least an hour to get a
responce) I went back and scanned msgs in here and
(BTW, I though system installation questions go here, not in .help ?)

Someone, discussing booting from the 3rd drive, mentioned making a 1MB
partition for the kernel and one of the boot files in lilo (*.map?).

Anyhow, this didn't sound like I could install Slackware out-of-the-box
then, so what I did was this:

1.  Disk partitioned like this:
        Master IDE      /dev/hda1 = 400MB (using msdos fdisk)
                        /dev/hda2 =  32MB LINUX /(root) - setup during install

        Slave IDE       /dev/hdb1 = 321MB (empty - has been sold to pay for..)

        SCSI (id6)      /dev/sda1 =  32MB (swap) - setup during install
                        /dev/sda5 = 300MB LINUX /usr - setup during install
                        /dev/sda6 = 690MB LINUX /home2 (added after install)

        Note:  you notice that I used extended partitions on my scsi,
               becouse I HAD to use the fdisk for dos that came with
               my SCSI controller.  See next SUMMARY for info on this.

1b. Reboot if you just set these up before doing step 2.

2.  Boot Slackware 1.2.0 install disks (scsi and tty44)
        Choose /dev/sda1 for SWAP
               /dev/hda2 for LINUX "/"
               /dev/sda5 for LINUX "/usr"

3. rest is like normal install, but my lilo.conf has (not exact syntax, but)
        boot = /dev/hda
        linux = /dev/hda2
        msdos = /dev/hda1

Now LILO works fine, and I don't get:

LI010101010101010101010101......  (on the screen when I reboot).

Now this may not have been the best solution (ie maybe lilo can boot from
Hard Drive on SCSI with non-bootable bios set).  (my controller is bt445s)

Slackware only used about 8.5MB of the 32MB root, but I guess that's OK
so I'll have room for the 5-10 different kernels I tend to accumulate
and having plenty of free space for tmp.  135MB used in /usr (full install).

Maybe this will help someone, I don't know, I've been *ing so much
(about Xfree) that I owe the net some usefull writing.


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1. PLEASE HELP: LILO trashed keeps trashing my mbr

I have been using lilo up to Slackware 1.1.1 with no problems at all.

I'm doing some switching of drives, changing partitions, etc.

I then installed Slackware 1.2.0, and installed lilo onto my

With dos defined for /dev/hda1, and linux for /dev/sda5 (/dev/sda1 swap).

When I reboot, after installing lilo, I get


and the 01's keep repeating until I reboot.  I have to boot linux
from linux boot disk, and I have to boot dos with dos boot disk.

I can fix it, with fdisk /mbr, but I still have to use a damn disk
to boot linux.

I have the following:
IDE Master:Seagate ST3550A  452MB drive, a-400, b-32 (swap)
IDE Slave: Western Digital AC340 340MB drive, a-323? (fat)
SCSI-id6:  Micropolis MC2210s 1GB SCSI, a-32(swap), b-300(linux), c-667(ext2)
Any advise is appreciated, I was using OS/2's boot manager with these until
I got the 1GB SCSI, and got rid of that damn OS/2 altogether.

I used LILO flawlessly without os/2's boot mgr up until Slackware 1.1.0.
I used LILO flawlessly with os/2's boot mgr with Slackware 1.1.1
I used LILO flawlessly with os/2's boot mgr with Slackware 1.2.0 (on ide slave)

But now without os/2's boot mgr and Slackware 1.2.0 on scsi, slam, ouch.

HELP!  is lilo broken now??


Michigan State University             CPP  Phone:        (517) 355-9582
   Dept. of Campus Park and Planning       hours:  MWF 8-11,2-4 EDT

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