passwd, and login.defs

passwd, and login.defs

Post by Dopey (Andy Wa » Tue, 07 Jun 1994 07:24:55

i'm trying to get login.defs to work on my slack 1.2 installation.
slack uses the passwd,login, etc stuff from util-linux-1.5
well. i can't get it to recognize a l /etc/login.defs
so i tried to cmpile the shadow passwd set since that does support
a login.defs
i commented out the shadow stuff and it won't compile.
if i compile it with shadow the programs can't find the password
i do not want to use shadow due to incompatilibies with it.
has anyone had any luck getting a /etc/login.defs to work with slack 1.2.0?
if so. how.
or if anyone can tell me how to compile the shadow stuff without shadow support that'd be great.


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In the login.defs file there is a switch to disable logins for users by
putting NOLOGIN in the shell field in the /etc/passwd file. This is
supposed to disable logins but still allow "su".  When I do a "usermod -s
NOLOGIN testuser" and try to login under testuser I get an error that it
can't execute NOLOGIN : No such file or directory.  When I try to su -
testuser I get the same error and don't get logged in as that user.  Can
anyone help me with this.

J.D. Lacey

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