Wampes on Linux ..... some problems

Wampes on Linux ..... some problems

Post by Giuseppe Marto » Sun, 14 Nov 1993 23:59:23

we have a 486 with a linux it's connected with a TNC an we wont possibly to
use a Wampes for linux. I get it from ucsd.edu but it'dont go !!!
I didn't know how to configure it. My you help me???

Thanks in advance.

Giuseppe Martoni.


1. Wampes on Linux ..... some problems


I've installed wampes in my 486 with slackware Linux 0.99Pl14, and whe I try
to attach the ethernet card wampes cant'do it, so I thik: dont'worry, recompile
the Wampes with the Ethernet support activated in /tcp/src/config.h; I do it but
the linker don't find some funtions. I've a 3c503 (EL2).
If anyone can HELP ME please mail to

Thanks in advance
Beppe Martoni.

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