SLIP/PPP for dial-in modems

SLIP/PPP for dial-in modems

Post by Chris in HotLan » Mon, 20 Mar 1995 00:38:43

I have configured my system so that people my dial-in as slip or ppp. My
problem is this.  When someone dials-in using slip there are no problems
at all they get to my system and out of my system.  When they use the ppp
they connect to my system and do anything locally on my system but they
cannot get past my system.  They cannot even get to my other system on my
network.  My understanding of the SLIP/PPP is if you have one working
then the other should work correctly but this simply is not the case here.
I have there login shel as /bin/dipsh as per the admin guide. the kernel
is loading everything that it is suppose to load and I set up the
diphosts with with the proper login name host and type of connection ie
ppp, slip, or cslip with the mtu 296. again cslip and slip work fine but
ppp will not get past the dialed in system.  Anyone have any clues as to
what the problem.  it appears to be in the routing but I cannot seem to
figure it out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated...



1. RS6000 to RS6000 ppp or slip - won't dial with modem

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

    I am trying to setup an RS6000 AIX 4.2 to dial out to an already setup (
and working ) RS6000 with slip.  When I try to run "slipcall" it doesn't even
dial out.  I have the ACU tty1 setup in /etc/uucp/Devices File.  Looking at the
slipcall script it appears to me that slattach should be dialing out with the
modem - all I get is some errors saying
Device Type Direct wanted
Requested Device Type Not Found
See example run below.
    Anyone have a clue!!!

   Thanks Dave.

Example run:
 mod17 DEV /usr/sbin>  slipcall.s  
tty number is 1
+ ifconfig sl1
+ strinfo -m
+ grep 'slip'
Module: 'slip', flags: 0x0, str 0x69dfa40
+ tee /tmp/slipmon.15:32:03
+ slattach tty1 19200 "" AT OK ATDT9,1,212822XXXX CONNECT "" ogin msgsl word
msgsl discipline "" 4
+ 2>& 1
+ echo Slipcall waiting on slattach to connect...
Slipcall waiting on slattach to connect...
+ i=0
+ [ 0 -le 45 -a 0 -eq 0 ]
+ sleep 1
slattach: The debug level is set to 4.
altconn called
Device Type Direct wanted
Requested Device Type Not Found
getto ret -1
slattach: 0821-297 The device /dev/tty1 cannot be opened for a 'direct' line.
        Check the device entry in the /usr/lib/uucp/Devices file.
altconn: A file descriptor does not refer to an open file.
+ ps -ef
+ grep -v grep
+ grep slattach tty1 19200
+ wc -l
+ [ 0 -eq 0 ]
+ echo Slattach terminated for some reason. The results of
Slattach terminated for some reason. The results of
+ echo the login dialog can be found in the file /tmp/slipmon.15:32:03.
the login dialog can be found in the file /tmp/slipmon.15:32:03.
+ echo Slipcall is exiting.
Slipcall is exiting.
+ ps
+ grep tee.*/tmp/slipmon.15:32:03
+ grep -v grep
+ awk {print $1}
+ kill
slipcall[102]: kill: 0403-008 The number of parameters specified is not
+ exit
mod17 DEV /usr/sbin>

 <<<<<<<<< /etc/uucp/Devices  File >>>>>>>>>>>
# NOTE: blank lines and lines that begin with a <space>, <tab>, or # are
ACU tty1 - Any
ACU tty1 - 19200 hayes
"/etc/uucp/Devices" [Read only] The cursor is at line 59 of 59 --100%-- .

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