linuxconf via web...

linuxconf via web...

Post by Massimo Dalla Giustin » Wed, 21 Mar 2001 00:19:12


I have Redhat 7 full installation but if I try http://mydomain:98
Netscape gives me this message:

A network error occurred while Netscape was receiving data. (Network
Error: Connection reset by peer)...

I'm sure that there are no network problems and I notice that on RedHat
6.2 linuxconf works very well via http. Why?

(All the necessary netaccess parameters are setting)



1. HELP accessing linuxconf via web

Well I have a newbie sort of a question that I'm hoping someone can help
me with.

I have set up linuxconf to be accessible via port 98, have the required
entries in services and inetd.conf however when I try to point my
browser at the port I get an access denied error. The apache web server
does work, but telnet and ftp services are also refused. Anybody have
suggestions on what to check/do to open remote access up a little?

Thanks in advance

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