Disk Activity Monitor

Disk Activity Monitor

Post by Kevin Carpent » Sat, 18 Mar 1995 05:26:48

Are there any utilities available that will monitor disk subsystem
activity?  I'm looking for a TOP like tool that displays number of
I/Os per second to each of my six disk, and perhaps page and swapping

Is the information even available in /proc anywhere?  /proc/stat
appears to have a fair amount of information, but I havn't stumbled
across any definition of what all the fields are.

If the information is available, and no utility exist, I would consider
writing one.
Kevin Carpenter
(Expressing his comments from home, where this message originated)


1. Hard disk activity monitor...

Does anyone know of any hard disk activity monitoring tool for Linux? I
know that for various other commercial platforms (Sun, AIX, etc)..
there's a tool that will show the read/write/seek activities on the hard
drives. Does such a thing exist for Linux?


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