utmp not updated after rsh

utmp not updated after rsh

Post by Dave Albone » Sat, 17 Dec 1994 01:09:58

Sorry if this is a repost.  My first post appears to have been sent to

My issue involves the updating of /etc/utmp.  When I do an rlogin from
a remote machine to my linux machine, then do a 'who -m', I get the

linuxmachine!albonesi ttyp0    Dec 15 10:24 (remotemachine.domain)

However, when I use xrsh to connect to my linux machine
('xrsh linuxmachine xterm &'), which does the equivalent of
'rsh -n linuxmachine "setenv DISPLAY remotemachine:0;xterm" &',
and do a 'who -m' in the resulting xterm, I get:

linuxmachine!albonesi ttyp0    Dec 15 10:30 ( )

In other words, utmp doesn't get updated.  In other flavors of Unix
(Ultrix, OSF, HPUX, SunOS), utmp DOES get updated using rsh in this
way.  Does anyone know why it doesn't on linux?  Thanks.


Dave Albonesi

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