Drivers for Promise DC-420 Local-bus IDE controller ?

Drivers for Promise DC-420 Local-bus IDE controller ?

Post by Ulrik Pagh Schul » Sun, 06 Feb 1994 00:49:13

I've just purchased a Promise DC-420 Local-bus IDE controller, and would like
to know if anyone knows of any drivers for this peripheral.

The controller should work under any OS, but the question is whether Linux can
fully utilize the controller without drivers (that is, with regards to speed
(i.e. high transfer rate on the local bus and caching)).  

As far as I can tell by examining the documentation of the included drivers for
SCO/Unix and AT&T Unix, the drivers are generic with regards to the exact
version of the controller (i.e. drivers for a Promise DC-200 should also work
... hmmm ...  this probably doesn't include the ISA-bus versions of the Promise
controllers), but the controller does need drivers under DOS for maximum
performance (this is the only OS covered exlicitly by the manual).



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I have a Promise Technologies VLB DC-420 "caching" IDE controller with
floppy and i/o.  This is one of those ".3ms seek times possible!" cards,
and believe me, on an old VLB 486 system, its damn near correct.  Its got
a 286-12 CPU on obard as the caching controller, and 512k cache.  This
card is SPEEDY under dos and windows, and I was wondering if its linux
compatible ( not only compatible... can linux support its cache? )


Jason Wagner

Applications Systems Analyst
University of Arizona at Sierra Vista

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