How can I filter remote print jobs?

How can I filter remote print jobs?

Post by Bruce Alan Fras » Sun, 11 Sep 1994 02:18:56

I have a situation in my office where we have 5 printers in our office
connected to Novell Print queues and an lpd.nlm that processes print
requests from my linux network.  I need a way to filter printer data
before it gets to the lpd on my server.  My current setup is to use
lpr and a remote printer definition in my printcap.  Unfortunately,
this doesn't allow the data to be filtered through the apsfilter I was
using for two page printouts and Postscript conversions.

Someone suggested setting up two printer definitions, one local and
one remote and have the local one send its output ot the remote,
prefiltered.  I haven't been able to get this to work as of yet.  Can
someone give me an explicit example of how this is done or suggest
some alternative method that would allow filtering?  I like the output
produced by apsfilter.  Also, does anyone know where there is a version
of apsfilter later than v2.3?


Bruce Fraser


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I have a non-PostScript printer hanging off of a PC.
I can use ghostscript on my Solaris host to convert
PS documents so that they will print on this printer.
The PC is running lpd.

Now...I want to set up my Solaris host so that it has
a print spool for this remote printer.  I want this
so that I can drop in ghostscript as a print filter.

One way that I see to do this is by setting up the
print filter so that it redirects its output to
        lpr -l -P pcprinter

This is the method I'm currently pursuing, but it
seems like there should be something cleaner.  For
example, being able to specify a command as the
printer's "port" would be great.

Am I missing an obvious way to do this?

Thank you.


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