Unbatching News

Unbatching News

Post by richard jerome xd/nf-t » Wed, 14 Dec 1994 17:49:46

Hi, this is probably not the best place for this post but bare
with me:)

I am trying to bring news off a very slow nntp server over night,
so that it can be read locally when needed.
I have slurp running to bring the news over. However it leaves it
unprocessed and i need a package to unbatch it, into directories
before i use tin to read it. Someone suggested a program called

Are there any easy solutions? where can i obtain rnews if it does
do this task? I have limited hard disk space and don't really
want to install a full cnews or inn package, unless there are no

Thanks in advance



1. *- C-News Unbatching Problem -*

Sorry...I know there are more appropriate groups, but I have a limited
feed at this time...

A few weeks ago, for some unexplained reason, my stock Slackware C-news
distribution just blew up...nuff said.

So I grabbed the C-news distribution off sunsite.  Much to my surprise,
it is a completely different version with a different directory structure.
That aside, and subsequently fixed to my system's satisfaction, I noticed
that _any_ news delivered via my UUCP feed posted earlier than the day
it is unbatched is tossed to /dev/null because on an 'ancient' date.

Here's a log excerpt:

 `Thu, 22 Dec 1994 00:49:44 GMT'

 `22 Dec 1994 00:55:14 GMT'

But then, hey, wait, it's junking stuff posted today too!

What's up with this?   I've grep'ed and cat'ed and searched the relevant
docs and I can't come up with a significant reference to this 'ancient'
date criteria or how to set it.

Anyone have any ideas?  I'm pretty boggled.

Happy Holidays.


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