Not enough space to upgrade to RedHat 7.2

Not enough space to upgrade to RedHat 7.2

Post by Jean Des Rosier » Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:44:33

First let me start off by saying I can chew gum and walk at the same time
BUT I am not up to running and chewing gum at the same time ;-)

I have a PC running RedHat 7.0, when I set it up I created two partitions on
the hard disk, one of 2Gb and one of 18Gb.  The 2Gb partition has all the
directories excep /home which sits on the 18Gb partition.  My system
partition had about 700Mb free, when RH 7.2 started the upgrade, it built an
extra swap file on the 18Gb partition but the free space was not enough to
do the upgrade.  I asked my local guru waht to do to free  some space in
order to complete the upgrade, this is what he told me to do:

In single user mode,

# tar cf - /usr | (cd /home/temporary/usr; tar xvf -)
# rm -rf /usr
# ln -s /home/temporary/usr /usr

I had created the /home/temporary/usr directory and those commands did
transfer enough files to let me have 1.8Gb of free space on the 2Gb first
partition.  Everything was looking good until I tried to do the upgrade.
Now the installation said it did not support absolute symbolic links and to
please change the link to /usr to a relative symbolic link!!

How can I change the symbolic link from absolute to relative? or is there
any other way to release enough disk space to be able to upgrade without
having to re-install from scratch?

Thanks in advance


Oh, to add to the confusion, Xwindows gets clobbered on startup so I can't
go past run level 3 without my screen going nuts between hirez and lowrez