Smail Source

Smail Source

Post by Tom Brig » Tue, 10 May 1994 15:38:05

Anyone know where I can get source code for Smail?  I want to replace a
 broken mail system on  a MIPS and an Ultrix machine.



1. Smail: Working Source Distribution for Linux Available

I have been following the smail vs sendmail discussion and I would like to
offer my help.

I, too, had many problems with the slackware distribution binaries of smail,
so much so that I obtained the original sources and worked on them.  I was
able after some minor discomfort to get a smail configuration, with a few
source code patches, that worked.

Smail has been working very very well since (after working miserably before);
I run several mailing lists with several hundred users - I work smail/sendmail
very hard and it is working very well now, so well, I have put my plans to
move to sendmailv8 on the back burner.

I have made this distribution available.  You can anonymous ftp to  The file is smail-3.1.28.linux.tar.gz.
You should follow the INSTALL and README instructions for your own system,
but bear in mind that the EDITME file is preconfigured for linux (well, my
linux (slackware kernel 1.0.8), but I'm not too weird :)!)

I will be happy to answer any questions that I can about smail and linux.
Also, if anyone finds a bug with this distribution, please let me know and I
will investigate it.

Note:  The original smail source files are still present in this distribution;
I cp'd them to filename.dist before changing the originals.

Monsta, Inc.                          (214) 407-0029

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