Probs replying/forw. from tin under linux

Probs replying/forw. from tin under linux

Post by Cord Hockemey » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 19:25:23

I have problems sending mails (replies or forwards) from tin1.22 with
more than one recipients.
I always get errors like "illegal character in hostname" or
(especially when forwarding articles to multiple local users/lists)
"unknoen user".
However this occurs only when I have multiple recipients of a mail
(also with one for each the To: and the Cc: field) and it only happens
in the linux version. Using the same version under HP-UX (9.03) works
without any problems.

Any hints?

Thx in advance

Cord Hockemeyer, TU Braunschweig, Abt. Math. u. Sozialpsychologie


1. TIN subscribe prob (LInux newbie)

I'm a mile from home, but I don't know if I'll have time to post this when
I get home tonite with more particulars.

I'm installed the precompiled TIN available at onto my new
Linux 3.x setup (kernel 2.0.1, I believe). For the record, the file system
is UMSDOS running of a parallel port ZIP drive. (Yes, that's a slow as it
sounds, but I wanted to try Linux and had no where else to put it).

I don't know the TIN revision I'm running. It is the lateset binary on
sunsite. I'm running TIN -r to read directly off my site (local newsfeeed
another day's project).

When I try to subscribe to a new newsgroup, I get an error renaming
.oldnewsrc. My standard user has -rw rights to the file in my home
directory. TIN binary was installed by root.

All I end up with are the lastest bogus new groups in my subscribe list.
None of my subscriptions take.

I've tried resetting the newsrc file, and this changed the bahavior a bit
(eliminated the problem witih .oldnewsrc), but I still get only the new
bogus groups. I tried reinstalling the binary, but no go either.

Any pointers on what I'm doing wrong? I'm knew enought to Linux that I
presume its me.
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