SCSI tapes, reading past logical end-of-tape (error recovering)

SCSI tapes, reading past logical end-of-tape (error recovering)

Post by Juana More » Thu, 20 Oct 1994 07:52:33

I need to read past the logical end-of-tape in a SCSI DAT tape (Wantek).
After writing 32 files to /dev/nrmt, using "tar c" I rewound the tape
and wrote 1 more file to /dev/nrmt. Of course, I destroyed the first of the
32 files previously stored, but the most important problem is that when I try
to read after this new file, the tape supposedly finds a mark of end-of-tape
and refuses to read past it (I/O error, it says). I really need to access
the 1.4 Gb of data that I know exist after that mark.
So please tell me  how I can repair this terrible mistake, using ioctl calls
or low-level SCSI commands or maybe some recovery tool. Thank you very much.
                                        Juana Moreno

1. Reading past end-of-file on DAT tape

I have a DAT tape containing a tar file, appr 1 Gbyte in size.

Unfortunately, the same tape was overwritten with a smaller
tar file, containing only one empty file, right at the beginning
of the tape. How can I read past the end of this small file
and retrieve the data on the rest of the tape?

The tape was written with 512 byte records, 10240 byte
blocks, so the small file at the beginning occupies only
10240 bytes of the tape. Trying to read further just gives
parity error. I would probably need to use low-level DAT
drive commands to read further.

Any help appreciated. Please answer to

Per-Arne Lindqvist, KTH Stockholm

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